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Webinar: Addressing Addiction Among Older Adults: National Council for Behavioral Health

Presenters: Dr. Loan Mai, SAE and Associates


By 2030, there will be approximately 71 million U.S. adults aged 65 or older.

An estimated 17 percent of adults over 60 years old are affected by addiction, including the misuse of prescription medications. Drug misuse and alcohol abuse are significant concerns for the older population and complicate the assessment and planning of care. As the general population continues to age, it is critical that community behavioral health providers are equipped with the skills necessary to effectively identify and treat addiction among older adults.

During this webinar, community behavioral health providers will become aware of the tools available and skills needed to customize assessment, care planning and treatment for older adults with addiction. Dr. Loan Mai of SAE and Associates will explore the prevalence of addiction among older adults, the complications of assessment in an older population and national concerns for population health and geriatric care. Join us to learn more about addressing addiction among older adults.