Being Good to Yourself as an Older Adult

Many older adults may feel lonely, sad, and stressed. This can be because of the loss of loved ones, health problems, trouble with money, or many other reasons. If you are feeling low, you may not feel like doing anything, you may not eat enough, or you may overeat. Being good to yourself can help you feel better and improve your eating habits and health. Ways to “be good to yourself” include

·         Getting enough sleep.

·         Staying in touch with family and friends.

·         Joining a social group.

·         Surrounding yourself with people you enjoy.

Lifespan Tip Sheet for Older Adults

·         Eat breakfast every day.

·         Select high-fiber foods like whole-grain breads and cereals, beans, vegetables, and fruits.

·         Have three servings of vitamin D-fortified low-fat or fat-free milk, yogurt, or cheese every day to help keep your bones strong as you age.

·         Drink plenty of water or water-based fluids.

·         Ask your health care provider about ways you can safely increase your physical activity.

·         Fit physical activity into your everyday life. Take short walks throughout your day

·         Stay connected with family, friends, and your community

Please visit the National Institute for Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases for more Health Tips for Older Adults and other information about healthy living and health conditions.